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Experience the safety and efficiency of our tree removal. We handle complex removals with precision, ensuring your property remains safe and visually appealing. Trust us to manage the details, making tree removal hassle-free.

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Tree removal is situational; assess annually to ensure safety and property aesthetics are maintained.


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Remove potentially hazardous trees safely and efficiently, enhancing the safety and aesthetic of your property with our expert service."

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What Does Tree Removal Entail?

Residential and commercial tree removal is often a bigger task than many property owners realize, especially if the tree is big, old, infected, or dead. There are many reasons you may want to remove a tree as opposed to just trimming the tree, from building an additional dwelling unit to getting rid of a dying tree that’s putting your safety at risk. Sometimes tree removal is an emergency situation, like when a tree is severely damaged during a storm and threatening to fall on your home. Regardless of the circumstances, removing a tree of any size isn’t necessarily easy or simple.

The exact cost to remove a tree will depend on several factors such as the condition, location, height, and diameter of the tree. The bigger the tree, the costlier it will be to remove—and bear in mind that removing the stump is not included in the typical tree removal fees. Almost every tree removal service in the country considers stump removal a separate service, so make sure you specify if you’d also like the stump removed.

How Tree Removal is Assessed

One of the first specifics your tree removal company will assess is the tree size. Small trees are considered under 30 feet tall while large trees, like a red oak, are those 80 feet or taller. The basic tree removal service starts with cutting the tree down to a stump. This can be exceptionally tricky for very large trees or for those that are near homes or public areas. Next, the tree will be segmented into smaller pieces that are easier to remove. Finally, a tree removal service will dispose of any chipping or debris that was produced during the removal of the tree.

All of the pieces will be hauled away so you are left with a clean, safe area (and perhaps a stump if you don’t opt for stump removal). Hauling fees may be extra depending on the size of the tree. Removing a stump is hard work and often requires a special grinder or excavation equipment, and prices are based on the size of the stump. Keep in mind that along with the stump, removing roots isn’t included in the basic tree removal services. Removing the stump doesn’t necessarily remove all of the roots, but if you choose stump removal services then exposed roots are often ground down in the process.

Conditions for Tree Removal

The location of the tree will play a big factor in figuring out a plan of action. If the tree to be removed is close to power lines, buildings, or other trees, there are more risks. If the tree isn’t very accessible, that will also require more time and effort. However, if the tree has already fallen, that makes it quicker and easier to segment. The health of the tree will also play a role, but whether for better or worse is the bigger question. Sometimes a dead or dying tree is easier to remove, while other times it causes additional hazards.

Some trees require special equipment because they need to be removed by a process called “rigging.” Ropes and pulleys may be used to secure branches before they’re removed. Some of the biggest dangers in tree removal are branches and debris falling from overhead, which is just another reason why tree removal should only be done by a pro. Get a price quote or schedule your appointment today with Timber Ridge Tree Service

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At Timber Ridge Tree Service, our dedication to customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. Whether it's offering expert advice, providing detailed information, or addressing specific inquiries, our team is always prepared to assist you. We greatly value your trust in our services, and our experts are committed to delivering prompt and comprehensive support for all your tree removal and land clearing needs, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our work.

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