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When it comes to caring for your yard in Draper, Utah, you might be able to handle routine gardening, but you need professional tree services & removal for your safety and the safety of others.  Timber Ridge Tree Service is available year-round for tree trimming, pruning, and emergency removal. To help you achieve a healthy, secure, and aesthetically pleasing yard we provide the best in tree services & removal. Tree removal is a big job, and regardless of tree size it can be dangerous to try to undertake this project yourself. The breaking down and hauling away of a fallen tree can also be a hassle. We have the expertise and tools necessary to remove trees in Draper that are either undesirable, diseased, dying, or otherwise at risk of becoming a fall hazard.

There is a difference between tree removal and stump removal, which many in Draper are surprised to learn. Tree removal in and of itself is the removal of the trunk and branches of a tree. The stump remains. Some homeowners enjoy this, using the stump as an organic part of their landscape (it can also be a great spot for an outdoor picnic table or as a foundation for planters). Others prefer to have the stump removed, which is unsurprisingly called stump removal. You can opt for both tree removal and stump removal during the same appointment if you’d like.

Emergency Tree Removal and Trimming

Sometimes homeowners simply want a tree removed because it’s blocking the light, in the way of their garden plans, or is unhealthy but not at risk of falling. When a tree is at a high risk of falling—or already has fallen—emergency tree removal is necessary. These calls go straight to the top of our priority list. No matter the weather or season, we are available for fast and safe emergency tree removal in Draper. The quicker a tree is removed in these situations, the more damage reduction can be done. Our goal is always our client’s safety, which is why emergency tree removal is part of what we offer.

However, sometimes all you really need is a good tree trimming. Depending on the tree, this can potentially happen year round. There are certain seasons that are “best” for some trees to be trimmed, but depending on your needs and the type of tree, you may benefit from tree trimming during all four seasons.

Achieve Healthy Trees

Tree trimming can help encourage a desirable shape and healthier growth, it can help to keep the tree from being weighed down, and it can also help more light to access the lower branches. Ensuring there is enough head and car clearance is another reason those in Draper often request tree trimming services. Some homeowners try to tackle this themselves, but this can be dangerous and very time consuming. Most people also don’t have the right tools readily available, especially for larger branches. Plus, “wrong” tree trimming can actually damage the tree and leave it vulnerable to diseases.

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