Professional Tree Maintenance and Pruning in Sandy, Utah

Sandy: "Professional tree maintenance and pruning in Sandy. Enhance your property’s appeal safely."

Sandy, UT Residential and Commercial Trees

At Timber Ridge Tree Services, we’re here to offer you the kind of tree services you might have been putting off. That includes tree trimming & removal, and emergency tree services.

Residential Tree Trimming in Sandy, Utah

These gardening tasks aren’t just burdensome, but sometimes they can be dangerous and should be strictly left to a professional. Many homeowners can handle tree trimming with little or no effort when it comes to smaller trees or lower branches. But what if you have larger trees? Can’t tell if a branch is diseased? And where exactly should you be trimming and when?

These answers can vary a bit since trees are, of course, alive and every one of them is unique. However, the general rule of thumb is to trim or prune trees while they’re dormant (in other words, right now). This is the least favorite time of year for most people to be outdoors. After all, the winter months are supposed to give you a break from yard work and gardening. Unfortunately, trees don’t operate on the same schedule as you. They should be trimmed annually, starting right now.

Call in the Tree Professionals for Removal

We understand that trimming trees can be a huge undertaking, especially for mature trees. It’s dangerous, and most homeowners don’t have the tools to make it as safe and quick as possible. You might have a very green thumb, but when it comes to tree services & removal leave it to the pros. We also have all of the tools and treatments necessary to ensure a healthy tree that will provide you with beauty and shade come the warmer months.

Large Residential Tree Removal Services in Sandy, Utah

On the other hand, tree removal is an entirely different beast. It’s much quicker and easier to remove trees when they are dormant, making right now the perfect time to call in the experts on this task. Winter months are also often when trees sustain the most damage. If you have a damaged, diseased, or older tree that won’t withstand snowfall and heavy winds, take care of it now. Otherwise, you’re taking a big gamble—especially if a fallen tree could harm your property.

We also offer emergency tree services because sometimes even healthy trees take you by surprise. Emergency tree services are reserved for homeowners with trees proving an immediate threat or that have already fallen and damaged property. Give us a call for emergency tree services and you’ll immediately be bumped to the top of the list.

It’s the busy season for tree services & removal, but we always have time for our neighbors in Sandy, Utah. No matter what kind of tree task you have, make the call today to Timber Ridge Tree Services to ensure a healthy and safe yard when spring gardening season rolls around.