Premier Tree Maintenance and Emergency Services in Millcreek

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Millcreek, UT Residential and Commercial Tree Trimming

You might coddle and nurture your flower beds, but what about your trees? Unless you have young trees that need some exceptional TLC until they mature, you probably don’t give your trees a lot of thought. After all, they’ve withstood many winters and seasons, so what could be different about this winter in Millcreek? Quite a bit, especially since we live in an area where there can be extreme weather shifts. Know that Timber Ridge Tree Services is here for you year-round to provide tree trimming, tree removal, and of course emergency tree removal services.

We’re here for you during every season, but keep in mind that winter is prime tree care season. When it comes to trimming, this should be done when trees are dormant—which is happening right now. We understand that going outside to trim trees is the last thing you want to be doing right now. Plus, it’s typically not very safe to do so (unless, of course, we are talking about very young trees and you have the knowledge to care for them). Climbing ladders, wielding heavy tools, and often guessing which branches to trim and where all entail a big risk. That’s why we offer tree trimming to our neighbors in Millcreek, Utah.

Regular & Emergency Tree Removal in Millcreek

We offer two types of tree removal: regular and emergency. There are usually two reasons a homeowner chooses to remove a tree. First, it might be for aesthetic reasons and this mostly falls under the regular category. Perhaps you want more sunshine, you’re building a gazebo or workshop on your property, or you’re simply tired of raking up leaves every autumn. Removing trees for this reason is important for the homeowner, but it’s not critical to prevent property damage.

Regular tree removal is also often scheduled because a tree is damaged or diseased, but not at immediate risk of falling. This is a preventative measure. The sooner you remove a tree that will likely become dangerous in the future, the sooner you’ll achieve peace of mind. Also remember that only a tree expert can determine just how damaged or diseased a tree is.

Finally, there are emergency tree removal services. This type of appointment puts you at the top of our schedule. Emergency services can be performed for trees that are deemed dangerous and about to fall, or for trees that have already fallen and need to be removed. For all of your tree care needs, get in touch with Timber Ridge Tree Services today.