Comprehensive Tree Management in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City: "Comprehensive tree management solutions in Salt Lake City. Skilled arborists ready to assist."

Your flower beds may be pampered and cared for, but what about your trees? You probably don’t give a lot of consideration to your trees unless you have young trees that need some outstanding TLC before they mature. After all, they’ve weathered many winters and seasons, so what could make this winter in Salt Lake City any different? Quite a bit, especially because we live in an area where severe weather changes can occur. Know that Timber Ridge Tree Services are here to provide tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, firebreak clearing, and emergency tree removal services for you year round.

Salt Lake City’s Most Clear-Cut Tree Trimming Service

We’re available to support you in any season, but keep in mind that winter is peak tree-care season. When it comes to tree trimming, it’s better to do it when the trees are dormant, which is actually the case. We understand that the last thing you want to be doing right now is going outside to trim trees. Furthermore, it is generally not really safe to do so (unless, of course, we are talking about very young trees and you have the knowledge to care for them). Climbing ladders, wielding heavy tools, and always guessing which branches to trim and where a major danger is involved. That is why we provide tree trimming services to our Salt Lake City neighbors.

Tree Removal in Salt Lake

We provide two forms of tree removal services: normal and emergency. Generally, there are two reasons that a homeowner decides to cut a tree. For instance, it may be for aesthetic purposes, which falls into the standard category. You may want more sunlight, you may want to create a gazebo or workshop on your house, or you may just get tired of picking up leaves every fall. It is essential for the homeowner to remove trees for this purpose, but it is not necessary to avoid property damage.

A tree may be removed on a normal basis if it is weakened or diseased but not in imminent danger of tipping over. This is a measure of prevention. You’ll have peace of mind faster if you remove a tree that is likely to become unsafe in the future. A qualified tree specialist can consult you on how badly a tree is injured or diseased.

Emergency Tree Removal for Storm Damaged Trees

Finally, there are emergency tree removal services. This type of appointment puts you at the top of our schedule. Emergency services can be performed for trees that are deemed dangerous and about to fall, or for trees that have already fallen and need to be removed. We see this happen with heavy snow fall or extremely high winds in the Salt Lake Valley. It is always a good idea to inspect your trees for broken branches or leaning after a severe storm.

If you have a tree emergency in Salt Lake County and it needs immediate attention please call us directly. We can get your information and remove the tree from endangering you, your home, neighbors homes or other valuable property. For all of your tree care needs, get in touch with Timber Ridge Tree Services today.